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And the Oscar goes too...

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

It's award season and one of the biggest ceremonies of the year is coming up this Sunday, The Academy Awards (aka The Oscars). Actors, Actresses and Film Crew's alike will all come together to honor the best of the best. So, what does that mean to us? That's right, an excuse to throw a party! Not just any party folks, a GLAMOUROUS red carpet worthy party. One where you ask you guests to dress up, join you for a sit down dinner and serve fancy cocktails. Because, why not? We've gone to see these movies in the theater and supported their entertainment values. So let's join them and celebrate in style! The Soirée team has collected a few of our favorite "Oscar worthy" party elements to inspire your tableware, decor and bar!

Oscar Party Inspo 2019

Team Soirée's Oscar Party Essentials List:

- Digital Invitation

- Custom Welcome Sign

- Upscale tableware collection which includes: dinner plates, dessert plates, cups and napkins

- Custom Champagne Bar Sign

- Champagne (our favorites are Moet White + Chandon Etoile)

- Custom Popcorn Bar Sign (because what's a movie party without popcorn!)

To add, what would be a party without a couple of fun games? First we have the Best Dressed Bingo. If you're like us, we are all about the Red Carpet Show on E! Mainly because we love us some Ryan Seacrest, but ALSO who doesn't love seeing Hollywood arriving in attire by some accomplished designers? Here's a fun bingo game, by Evite, to play while you watch them strut their stuff down that long walk to the entrance.

Lastly, we have a printable 2019 Oscar Ballot where your guests can check their guesses for who will win the dapper golden man. This one is created by the Tumbleweed Press Co.

Adding these items to your Oscar Viewing party is sure to make it a night to remember (see what I did there?). You could even throw in some fun prizes for the winners of each game. Perhaps ahem, movie tickets? You're welcome. See below for links to all of Soirée's favorite Oscar Party Essentials. Enjoy!

1. Digital Invitation by Soirée by Ria, available here.

2. Custom Welcome, Champagne Bar and Popcorn Bar signs by Soirée by Ria, available here.

3. Blanc Tableware collection available in Soirée by Ria party shop, here.

4. Moet White + Chandon Etoile available at Amazon, Bevmo and some local grocery stores.

5. Best Dressed Bingo available, here.

6. 2019 Oscar Ballot available, here.

Cheers my dears!

Team Soirée