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Collaboration Over Competition

Team Soirée has had the pleasure of becoming a stylist sponsor with the Business Babes Collective, San Diego Chapter. This company was created by Danielle Wiebe through the love of building relationships and networking. It currently has 5 chapters in: Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Seattle and San Diego. Events for the company take place several times a year and have a focus on supporting, collaborating and learning from other female business owners. In addition, it continues to grow and will be offering more intimate gatherings and online courses for furthering your education in business.

Our San Diego chapter leader is Rachel and she owns the Waipahe Co. Working with her has been so amazing and she is such a fun creative that we have so much in common with. Team Soirée can't wait to continue to build our relationship with her. We are SO EXCITED to be included in the San Diego Business Babes events and so far have made some amazing new friends for life!

Now we'd like to share some pics from the 1st Summer Series event at the La Jolla

Women's Club, photos taken by the lovely Kiley Shai. The theme was Collaboration Over Competition.

Heart Balloon Logo by Soirée | Chairs + Plant Decor by Waipahe Co.

Love, love, love seeing #babessupportingbabes at events such as these. It brings a whole new level of energy and passion to your growth when you surround yourself with positive influences.

Panelists for the event were Dianne Manansala-Ringpis of Snoice SD; Jodi Alonso of The Local Bazaar/Flower Hill Feast and Craft/The Forum Makers Market; and Founder of the Business Babes Collective, Danielle Wiebe.

Featured vendors above: La Jolla Women's Club, Amame Desserts, Marc and Rose Co., Waipahe Co., Ohcean Coffee, and Soirée by Ria (balloon details, jellyfish decor and vendor table).

These events are so much fun! Being able to meet other creatives, bloggers, influencers, photographers, small business owners, etc. in San Diego is like no other experience we have been to. Soirée continues to grow in so many ways - being able to add that we are part of events such as this is just one of them. I am excited for what's coming ahead and hope that you will join us on our journey. Contact us if you would like to collaborate. We LOVE meeting and working with other businesses! Don't take your eyes off our IG feed + stories...we're just getting started.



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