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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Well happy new year to everyone! No matter that it is already MARCH. LOL. Time truly slipped away as the year started - which was totally fine, as Soirée began 2020 busy! I was so excited to see that we had clients right away and have already been part of so many celebrations. I hope this is a sign of continuous amazing things to come.

I'd like to take a moment for an introduction of Soirée and myself. We have some new faces following us, so welcome! I'm Ria, (formally Maria) and I own Soirée by Ria. Soirée is a full party planning company with an online party shop. We have been in business for about 5 years now and continue to grow everyday! Soirée was created from the love of being part of many celebrations since a young age, as well as helping put them together. For as long as I can remember, there was always a party our family was having - didn't matter why, just that it was important to come together, celebrate and give thanks. This truly is my most favorite memory of growing up.

Before Soirée came about, I worked for a large retail chain for about 15 years. Here is where I would refine my skills in business, management, merchandising, and customer service. I had just about every position you can think of, which in turn molded me to what I am today. I am so lucky to have had these experiences as they taught me so much. I would travel with those skills going forward. During the years of working for this company, I also furthered my education. I already had a BA in English/Spanish and went on to receive my MBA in International Business.

What I enjoy most about what I do (since I get this a lot) is the ability to connect with people through celebration. I am a firm believer in making memories and moments. These are the things that one remembers most about their time with family, friends and loved ones. I love being part of that - from designing a theme, to creating custom details to making crazy balloon setups, I'm your girl! I hope that you will contact Soirée as I would love to meet you and help plan your event. It really is the time of the modern host and I'm here for it!



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Photography: @camila.m_photography

Lounge Collection: @morerentals

Flowers: @native_poppy

Book: All in Good Taste, @katespadeny

Dress: @target

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