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The Soirée Balloon Bar!

So you want some balloons delivered, huh? We got you.

Welcome to ONE of the new additions to Soirée...THE BALLOON BAR.

Something we have learned in the years that we have been planning and styling parties is that balloons, while cute/adorable/fun decorations to an event, can be a real headache for our clients. We get it - it's the morning of your event and things are not happening quite as planned. Then you remember that the balloons still need to be picked up. <insert high pitch screaming> This sort of thing can really send your day into a less enjoyable experience. Enter the Soirée Balloon Bar. Here's how we make it easy for you:

1. You can place your order for balloons directly on our website up to a week in advance.

2. You can pick any color combination you would like OR choose from our curated balloon bouquets.

3. Pay online and select the date/time of delivery.

4. We come to YOU and hand those beauties off so that you can get back to your day.

5. A magical unicorn appears...okay maybe not, but you will feel accomplished knowing you have checked this off your list!

Sound amazing? We think so too. We just opened up the bar and will be adding to the selection of colors and balloon types often. For now, check out what we have!

First suggestion: Valentine/Galentine/Single Awareness Day is coming up!

Just sayin...

xo - Team Soirée

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